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 85 forthcoming 2005
84 Leisure, Space and Visual Culture: Practices and Meanings    

eds. Cara Aitchison and Helen Pussard
ISBN: 0 906337 95 X; paperback. £34.75

  • Preface: Leisure, Visual Culture and the 'Spatial Turn'          James Kneale
  • Editors' Introduction          Cara Aitchison and Helen Pussard

I      The Spatial Politics of Visual Culture

  • The Rules of Culture: Exhibition and the Politics of Knowledge
              Tony Bennett
  • Buying Time and Space: a Critical Appraisal of Sport and Leisure Consumption in the 'New' Belfast
              Alan Bairner and Peter Shirlow
  • "A Relic of Bygone Days"? The Temporal Landscapes of Pleasure Grounds           
              Helen Pussard

II     Memory and Heritage in Visual Culture

  • Seeing Places: A Critique of the Heritage Trail as a Visual Interpretation of Place
              Nicola E. Macleod
  • Tourist Perception of the Heritage on Show in Relation to their own Heritage - a Key to Better Management and Understanding of Heritage Tourism
              Yaniv Poria, Richard Butler and David Airey
  • Memory and Visual Culture: Visitors' Recollections and Repeat Visiting Intentions
              Kirsten Holmes

III    Cityscapes, Leisurescapes and Dreamscapes

  • Mass-participation Running: Sport as Contemporary Urban Spectacle?
              Jacqueline Tivers
  • Space and Leisure as Regenerative Elements of an Urban Cityscape: The Case of the Centre for Dundee Contemporary Arts
              Marialaura Di Domenico and Francesco Di Domenico
  • Metaphorical and Physical Leisure Spaces: Women, Pleasure and the UK National Lottery
              Emma Casey

IV     Leisure as Seeing, Leisure as Being

  • The Highland Society of the Spectacle: Regulating Bodies and Figuring The National Heritage
    at The Highland Games
              Dan Knox
  • Visualising The Environment: Diverse Ways of 'Seeing' and Knowing in the Outdoors
              Kim Polistina
  • A Search for Idyllic Places of Leisure in the East: Recreation of the Vernacular Culture and the
    Traditional Social Space in Sri Lanka
              Ranjith Dayaratne
83 Leisure, Media and Visual Culture: Representations and Contestations   

 eds. Eileen Kennedy and Andrew Thornton (2004)
ISBN: 0 906337 94 1; paperback. £31.50

  • Editors' Introduction      Eileen Kennedy and Andrew Thornton

I      Theorising the Leisurely Gaze

  • "Rural Glamour": Reading Fashion in the New Zealand Context
              Hilary Radner
  • Bodies Laid Bare: Sport and the Spectacle of Masculinity
              Eileen Kennedy
  • 'I Know Kung Fu': The Sporting Body in Film
              Andrew Thornton
  • The Flâneur and the Stalker
              Bran Nicol

II     Texts and Objects: Reading the Visual Culture of Leisure

  • Middle Class Pleasures and the Safe Dangers of Surf Bathing on the English South Coast 1921­1937
              Joan Ormrod
  • Tabloid Tourists: Celebrity, Consumption and Performance in British Television Holiday Programmes
              David Dunn
  • "Is This Shirt Loud?" Semiotics and the 'Language' of Replica Football Shirts
              Jack Fawbert

III    Making Meanings: the Creation and Interpretation of Leisure Audiences

  • The Contribution Of Reality Tv in the Critique and Creation of Lifestyle Choices
              Christine Fanthome
  • IT'S ONLY A GAMESHOW: Evolved Intelligences and Reality Culture
              Paul Woodward and Maxine Doyle
  • The Brick Man Versus The Angel Of The North: Public Art as Contested Space
              Doug Sandle
  • The Socialization of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth: Celebrity and Personally Known Role Models
              Arnold H. Grossman and Anthony R. D'augelli
  • Tipping The Velvet: Straight[Forward] Voyeurism? Problematising the Viewing of Lesbianism
              Jayne Caudwell
82 Sport, Leisure and Social Inclusion:
Potential, Participation and Possibilities

eds. A.Ibbetson, B. Watson and M. Ferguson (2003)
ISBN 0 906337 93 3; paperback, 292pp

  • Editors' Introduction Sport, Leisure And Social Inclusion: Potential, Participation and Possibilities
       Adrian Ibbetson, Beccy Watson and Maggie Ferguson

I     Sport - An Inclusive Community?

  • Modern Sports: Inalienable Common Wealth
       Ken Roberts
  • Local Authority Support Networks for Sports Volunteers
    AndrewAdams and John Deane
  • Setting A Standard?: Measuring Progress in Tackling Racism and Promoting Social Inclusion in English Sport
       Karl Spracklen

II    Common-wealth? The Use of Major Sports Events for Social Renewal

  • Major International Sports Events: Planning for Long-term Benefits
       Guy Masterman
  • Can The Commonwealth Games in East Manchester Provide a Basis for Social Renewal?
       Maggie Jones and Terry Stokes
  • Developing a Cost­Benefit Structure to Analyse Sport and its Social Impacts
       Charles Spring

III   Narratives of Involvement: Exploring Participation and Perception

  • In Pursuit of Excellence: Experiences of Paralympic Athletes
       Ian Brittain and Barbara Humberstone
  • 'Hitting 40!' The Conflict of Moral Voices Versus Concrete Sport Experiences: A Voice-centred Relational Focus on the Individual's Sport Involvement
       Lindsay King and John Lyle
  • Lifestyle and Women's Exercise Patterns: An Examination of the Constraints of Family and Employment on Regularly Exercising Women
       Iain C. Adams and Margaret Walton
  • Spirituality in Public Leisure Provision: The Benefits of Exercise for Women in Their Middle Years
       Margaret Walton and Iain C. Adams
  • Leisure Constraints and Levels of Sport Participation for Women in Iran
       Mohammad Ehsani

IV    Expanding the Possibilities: Applying Different Analytic Contexts

  • Social Climbing
       Linda Allin, Amanda West and Adrian Ibbetson
  • "The Ellen Macarthur Factor": A Study of Instructor Opinions about the Motivations of Young Female Sailors
       Michelle Moorman
  • Towards Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyles through Outdoor Leisure
       Kim Polistina
  • Physical Culture in Post-communist Poland
       Zofia Pawlaczek

Access and Inclusion in Leisure and Tourism

ed R. Snape, E. Thwaite and C. Williams (2003)
   ISBN 0 906337 92 5; £37.50, (non member).

  • Editors' Introduction:   Robert Snape, Edwin Thwaites and Christine Williams


  • Developing the Cultural Agenda: the Socio-spatial Dimensions of the Regional Cultural Strategies
    in England
        Neil Ravenscroft and Alan Tomlinson
  • Local Cultural Strategies: Critiques and Challenges
        Cara Aitchison
  • The Role of the Arts in Government Policies for Health and Social Exclusion
        Peter Bramham
  • Taking a Part: An Evaluation of the Ability of Cultural Activities to Promote Social Inclusion
        Jonathan Long and Mel Welch
  • The Access Dilemma: Moving Towards a Coherent, Inclusive and Sustainable Framework
        Debi Hayes and Alix Slater
  • 'Doing the Shopping' or 'Going Shopping'? Gender, Grocery Shopping and the Discourse of Leisure
        Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, Nigel Morgan, Annette Pritchard, and Eleri Jones


  • Heritage and Leisure: Museum Volunteering As 'Serious Leisure'
        Noreen Orr
  • Rambling, Socialism and the Evolution of the Countryside
    as a Leisure Space: the Pioneering Role of the Co-operative Holidays Association
        Robert Snape
  • The Role of 'The Club' in Ibadan, Nigeria from 1960 to 2000: Exclusivity in Post-colonial Leisure and Sports Activities among Members of the Expatriate and Nigerian Elites
        Catherine Di Domenico and MariaLaura Di Domenico


  • Regular and Irregular Visitors to the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
        Kirsten Holmes
  • Access to Culture: Resolving Tourism Conflicts through Visitor Research and Management
        Terry J Brown


  • An investigation into the Currency of Qualificationsin Relation to Current Employment Trends within the Leisure Sector
        Maggie Ferguson and Adrian Ibbetson
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