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This page lists LSA Publications titles in (roughly) reverse chronological order of publication. For complete bibliographic information, contents and online purchase details for each title, please click on the respective link.

The Festival and Event Experience ed. Alix Slater (forthcoming 2014)

Coastal Cultures: Liminality and Leisure, eds Paul Gilchrist, Thomas Carter and Daniel Burdsey (forthcoming 2014)

Fields of Vision: The Arts in Sport eds Jonathan Long, Jim Parry, Doug Sandle, Karl Spracklen (available now)

Social Justice in Sport Development eds Gavin Reid and Jung Woo Lee (forthcoming 2014)

Research in Leisure Education, Cultures and Experience ed Liz Such (forthcoming 2014)

Education and Outdoor Learning: Adventure, Tourism and Sustainable Development ed Cara Aitchison (forthcoming 2014)
121 Recording Leisure Lives: Sports, Spectacles and Spectators in 20th Century Britain  ed Robert Snape [2013]
120 Sport and Leisure Ethics, Rights and Social Relationships   eds Andrew Adams and Karl Spracklen [2012]

Sport, Leisure and Tourism Politics and Places eds Karl Spracklen and Andrew Adams [2012]

Recording Leisure Lives: Everyday Leisure in 20th Century Britain eds Robert Snape, Helen Pussard, Michael Constantine (February 2012)

Sport for sport? Theoretical and Practical Insights in Sports Development eds Spencer Harris, Barbara Bell, Andrew Adams and Chris Mackintosh [2012]

Identities, Cultures and Voices in Sport and Leisure eds Beccy Watson and Julie Harpin [2011]

Delivering Equality in Sport and Leisure eds Jonathan Long, Hayley Fitzgerald and Pete Millward [2011]

Community and Inclusion in Leisure Research and Sport Development eds Aarti Ratna and Brett Lashua [2011]

Children, Youth and Leisure eds Ruth Jeanes and Jonathan Magee [2011]

Recording Leisure Lives: Holidays and Tourism in 20c Britain eds Bob Snape and Daniel Smith [2011]

Well Being, Health and Leisure eds. Mike Weed & Ian Wellard [2010]

Leisure Identities and Authenticity eds. Dikaia Chatziefstathiou and Louise Mansfield [2010]

Leisure Experiences: Space, Place and Performance eds. Marion Stuart-Hoyle and Jane Lovell [2010]

Third Age and Leisure Research, Principles and Practice ed. Barbara Humberstone [2010]

Recording Leisure Lives: Sports, Games and Pastimes in 20th Century Britain eds. Bob Snape and Helen Pussard (March 2010)

Leisure and Tourism: International Perspectives on Cultural Practice ed. Scott Fleming with Hazel Andrews, Peter Hackett, Mark Meadows, Martin Selby ( 2009)

Tourism and Leisure: Local Communities and Local Cultures in the UK ed. Jayne Caudwell with Hazel Andrews, Peter Hackett, Mark Meadows, Martin Selby (December 2009)

On the Edge: Leisure, Consumption and the Represention of Adventure Sports eds. Joan Ormrod and Belinda Wheaton (April 2009)

Recording Leisure Lives: Histories, Archives and Memories of Leisure in 20th Century Britain eds. Bob Snape and Helen Pussard (March 2009)

Sport, Leisure, Culture and Social Capital: Discourse and Practice  eds Paul Gilchrist and Belinda Wheaton (June 2008)

Relocating the Leisure Society: Media, Consumption and Spaces  eds Jayne Caudwell, Steve Redhead and Alan Tomlinson (June 2008)

Sport, Leisure, Culture and Social Capital: Discourse and Practice   eds Mike Collins, Kirsten Holmes, Alix Slater (March 2008)  

Making Space: Managing Resources for Leisure and Tourism   eds Tim Gale, Jenny Hill and Nigel Curry (November 2007)

Social and Cultural Change: Making Space(s) for Leisure and Tourism   eds Maria Casado-Diaz, Sally Everett and Julie Wilson (November 2007)

Academic Renewal: Innovation in Leisure and Tourism Theories and Methods   eds Fiona Jordan, Lindsey Kilgour and Nigel Morgan (July 2007)

Urban Transformations: Regeneration and Renewal in Leisure and Tourism   eds Cara Aitchison, Greg Richards and Andrew Tallon (July 2007)
95 Serious Leisure: Extensions and Applications   eds Sam Elkington, Lesley Lawrence and Ian Jones ( 2006)
94 Festivals and Events: Culture and Identity in Leisure, Sport and Tourism   eds Cara Aitchison and Annette Pritchard (July 2007)
93 Events and Festivals: Education, Impacts and Experiences   eds Scott Fleming and Fiona Jordan (2006)
92 Case Studies in Festival and Event Marketing and Cultural Tourism   eds Jane Ali-Knight and Donna Chambers (2006)
91 Sporting Events and Event Tourism: Impacts, Plans and Opportunities   ed. Martin Robertson (2006)
90 Ethical Issues in Leisure Research   eds Scott Fleming and Fiona Jordan (2006)  
89 Defining the Field: 30 Years of the Leisure Studies Association   eds Eileen Kennedy and Helen Pussard (2006)
88 Evaluating Sport and Active Leisure for Young People   eds Kevin Hylton, Anne Flintoff and Jonathan Long (2005)
87 Youth Sport and Active Leisure: Theory, Policy and Participation   eds Anne Flintoff, Jonathan Long and Kevin Hylton (2005)
86 Sport and Active Leisure: Youth Cultures   eds Jayne Caudwell and Peter Bramham (2005)
85 Volunteers and Voluntary Organisation in Sport   eds Geoff Nichols and Mike Collins (2005)
84 Leisure, Space and Visual Culture: Practices and Meanings    eds Cara Aitchison and Helen Pussard (2004)
83 Leisure, Media and Visual Culture: Representations and Contestations    eds Eileen Kennedy and Andrew Thornton (2004)
82 Sport, Leisure and Social Inclusion: Potential, Participation and Possibilities    eds A. Ibbetson, B. Watson and M. Ferguson (2003)
81 Access and Inclusion in Leisure and Tourism   eds R. Snape, E. Thwaites and C. Williams (2003)

80 Volunteers in Sport  ed Geoff Nichols (2003)  
79 Leisure Cultures: Investigations in Sport, Media and Technology  eds S. Fleming and I. Jones (2003)
78 Partnerships in Leisure: Sport, Tourism and Management  eds G. Berridge and G. McFee (2002)
77 Leisure Studies: Trends in Theory and Research  eds L. Lawrence and S. R. Parker (2002)
76 Sport Tourism: Practice and Principles  eds S. Gammon and J. Kurtzman (2002)
75 Leisure Volunteering: Marginal or Inclusive?   eds M. Graham and M. Foley (2001)
74 Leisure Cultures, Consumption and Commodification   ed J. Horne (2001)
73 Leisure and Social Inclusion: New Challenges for Policy and Provision   eds G. McPherson et al. (2001)
72 JUST Leisure, Social Exclusion and Identity   eds C. Brackenridge et al. (2000)
71 JUST Leisure: Policy, Ethics and Professionalism   eds M. McNamee et al. (2000)

Women's Leisure Experiences: Ages, Stages and Roles   eds S. Clough and J. White (2001)
69 Masculinities: Leisure Cultures, Identities and Consumption   ed J. Horne (2000)
68 Gender Issues in Work, Leisure and Culture   eds J. Anderson and L. Lawrence (2001)
67 Sport Leisure Identities and Gendered Spaces   ed S. Scraton (2000) LSA No. 67
66 Her Outdoors: Risk, Challenge and Adventure in Gendered Open Spaces   ed B. Humberstone (2000)
65 Policy and Publics   ed P. Bramham (1999)
64 Leisure Consumption and Participation: Leisure, Culture and Commerce   ed G. Whannel (1999)
63 Gender, Space and Identity   eds C. Aitchison and F. Jordan (1998)
62 Production and Consumption of Sport Cultures (1998)   eds U. Merkel, G. Lines and I. McDonald)
61 Tourism and Visitor Attractions   eds N. Ravenscroft, D. Philips and M. Bennet (1998)
58 Leisure Planning in a Transitory Society   ed M. Collins (2000)
57 Leisure, Time and Space: Meanings and Values in People's Lives   ed S. Scraton (1999)
56 Professional and Development Issues in Leisure, Sport and Education   eds L. Lawrence, L. Murdoch and S. R. Parker (1995)
55 Policy and Politics in Sport, PE and Leisure   eds S. Fleming, M. Talbot and A. Tomlinson (1995)
54 Leisure Cultures: Values, Genders, Lifestyles   eds G. McFee, G. Whannel and W. Murphy (1995)
53 Leisure and Social Stratification   ed K. Roberts (1996)
52 Tourism and Leisure: Perspectives on Provision ed D. Leslie (1995)
51 Tourism and Leisure: Culture, Heritage and Participation   ed D. Leslie (1995)
50/II Leisure, Tourism and Environment: Perceptions, Preferences and Participation   eds M. Foley et al. (2000)
50/I Leisure, Tourism and Environment: Sustainability and Environmental Policies   eds M. Foley et al. (2000)
49 Leisure in Industrial and Post-industrial Societies   ed Mike Collins (1996) LSA No. 49
48 Leisure: Modernity, Post-modernity and Lifestyles   ed I. Henry (1994) LSA No. 48
47 Body Matters: Leisure Images and Lifestyles   ed C. Brackenridge (1993) LSA No. 47
46 Leisure in the 1990s: Rolling Back the Welfare State   ed John Sugden (1992) LSA No. 46
45 Ideology, Leisure Policy and Practice (A4, wirebound)   eds D. Botterill and A. Tomlinson (1991)
44 Leisure, Health and Wellbeing   ed Jonathan Long (1990)
43 Sport in Society: policy, Politics and Culture   ed A. Tomlinson (1990)
42 Leisure and the Quality of Life: Themes and Issues   ed A. Tomlinson (1990)
41 The Leisure Industry   ed J. White (1989)
40 Tourism and Leisure (Part 2): Markets, Users and Sites   ed D. Botterill (1989)
39 Tourism and Leisure (Part 1): Models and Theories   ed M. Stabler (1989)
38 Parks and Outdoor Recreation: Themes and Issues   ed A. Tomlinson (1990)
37 Leisure Participation and Experience   ed D. Botterill (1989)
36 Children, Schooling and Education for Leisure   ed W. Murphy (1989)
35 Youth Cultures and the Domain of Leisure (A4, wirebound)   ed A. Tomlinson (1989)
34 Work, Leisure and Lifestyles (Part 2)   ed S. R. Parker (1989)
33 Work, Leisure and Lifestyles (Part 1)   ed S. R. Parker (1989)
32 Leisure, Labour and Lifestyles: Critical Issues   ed R. Ingham (1989) (Journal Special Issue)
31 Leisure and the Environment   ed B.J.H. Brown (1989)
30 Leisure, the Arts and the Community   eds N. Parry and J. Parry (1988)  
28 Policy and Planning (II)   ed J. Wilkinson (1986)
27 Policy and Planning (I)   ed J. Wilkinson (1986)
26 The Media and Cultural Forms   ed J. White (1986)
25 Leisure and Social Relations   ed A. Tomlinson (1986)
24 The Politics of Leisure   ed F. Coalter (1986)
23 Work, Non-Work and Leisure   ed S. R. Parker and A. J. Veal (1985)
22 Leisure: Politics, Planning and People   ed A. Tomlinson (1985)
21 Explorations in Football Culture (revised format)   ed A. Tomlinson (1983)
20 Leisure and Popular Cultural Forms  ed A. Tomlinson (1983)  
19 Leisure and Social Control (revised format)   ed A. Tomlinson (1981/revised format 1995)
18 The Sociological Study of Sport (revised format)   ed A. Tomlinson (1981)
17 Leisure and Youth   eds L. Haywood and I. Henry (1985) 20 8
16 Leisure and the Media   ed S. Glyptis (1983)
15 Work and Leisure: Unemployment, Technology and Lifestyles   eds A.J. Veal, S.R. Parker and F. Coalter (1982)
14 Leisure and Learning   ed W. Bacon (1982)
13 Leisure Research: Current findings and future challenge   ed M. Collins (1982)
12 Prospects for Leisure and Work   ed S. Glyptis (1981) 10 0
11 Leisure in the 1980s: Alternative Futures   eds G. Cherry and A. Travis (1980)
10 Leisure and Rural Society   ed N. Ventris (1980)
9 Leisure and Family Diversity   ed Z. Strelitz (1980)
8 Social and Economic Costs and Benefits of Leisure   ed M. Talbot (1979)
7 Community Leisure and Culture Arts and Sports Provision   eds M. Talbot and R. W. Vickerman (1979)
6 Leisure and Urban Society   ed M. Smith (1978)
5 Tourism ~ A Tool for Regional Development   ed B. Duffield (1977)
4 Leisure and the Community   eds J. Howarth and A. J. Veal (1977)
3 Forecasting Leisure Futures   eds J. Haworth and S. R. Parker (1977)
2 Leisure and Public Policy   eds S. R. Parker and J. Haworth (1977)
1 Sport and Leisure in Contemporary Society  eds S. R. Parker et al. (1976)

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